We are your "one-stop-shop" for pressure, level, flow, temperature, analytical, combustion, and control applications.

OUR expertise is the instrumentation so YOUR expertise can concentrate on the applications within your core business.

Installation Complete installation service or assistance with you on-going project development.  We handle all the types of process and manufacturing controls.

Calibration Initial and on-going calibration for all types of instruments.  Be certain your processes are operating up to your expectations.

Commissioning Process and manufacturing systems, boilers, furnaces and analytical instrumentation.  We provide the services needed at this critical stage of your project.

Tuning Initial setup and tuning of your instrumentation or on-going tuning services to ensure your system continues to operate properly.

Programming Complete project programming or assistance for your project team with the computer/PLC programming needed to get your process running from the start.

Service On-call and full Service Agreements for all your process control and instrumentation components and systems.

Upgrades When the time comes to expand or revise your process control system, we'll be ready to provide the same level of expertise to your new needs as we provided with the original project.


"Turnkey Instrument Solutions operates on the principle of doing a turnkey job. A job that is worry free for you, from start to finish. We can do everything from installing and commissioning to documentation and training. We also design, build and install entire systems."

Contact us at:  Turnkey Instrument Solutions - 317-946-6354 - Info@TurnkeyInstrumentSolutions.com

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